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Mayfair Contract Flooring Ltd was established in 1996 and has grown to become one of the leading flooring contractors in the UK.


With a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise, we have a commitment to delivering unrivalled service for our clients from pre start to completion.


The size of contracts undertaken varies from smaller projects to a £3.8 million contract in 2017 to various phased developments exceeding £5 million.


Our client base includes major house builders such as Berkeley Homes, St George, Barratt London, Redrow homes and London Square.


We provide high-end flooring for multi million pound properties to suitable flooring for Housing Association schemes.


Our Customer Care support is dedicated to delivering an exceptional service, as we understand the importance of providing a smooth resolution to all concerns.


We pride ourselves on supplying all aspects of Health and Safety to a required standard and beyond.

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Star & Garter

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145 City Road


Mayfair Contract Flooring Ltd recognises the importance of a thorough health and safety strategy, and we aim to improve constantly on our already excellent track record. That’s why we work with HAVIO – a leading expert in the health and safety field.

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